• Just spoke to Mr. Clark about his building that was eventually sold and installed from Palestine.

    Mr. Clarke wanted Winslow's to know what about the installers and the professional job they did. He said he didn't remember there names of the installers but that they were great, professional, quick, friendly, and cleaned up spotless on his build on Tuesday, 8/12/2014.

    Mr. Clarke
  • Mr. Bandi came in this morning to let us know that their barn was installed and they are VERY happy with the work done and he said the crew was great. He said they were professional and really did a super job cleaning up after themselves.

    Kudos to Carlos and his crew! Please pass along the nice compliments to them

    Mr. Bandi
  • I just wanted to let you know that you have a great staff. I ordered a barn thru Ally England and the great schedulers Susan Harris. Very professional and kept me informed. Mr Roach did a great job on the doors and fixed everything with the concert and the problems we had. My wife and myself were so impressed by your staff that we ordered a carport and are very pleased with it. The crew on both projects were the best. Tom did the right thing.

    You both are lucky to have such a great staff. All were the best and very professional and great to work with for both projects. They get a A+ from me.

  • I have a few of things that I wanted to convey to you.

    First, your crew of Kevin Moore and Nate Irving completed my onsite build today, and these guys were great. Finish, quality and attention to detail, clean up, everything was very much up to my admittedly anal standards.
    Secondly, your product itself also met my high expectations/standards.
    Carol, the carport is up! Your guys did a great job. Thank you....it is a pleasure doing business with you and with Texwin! You all do a great job! I will recommend you to anyone looking for a carport or a building.

  • Good morning, Troy. I want to thank you for sending two of Winslow's best builders to construct our new 12 X 16 Country Series shed. I very much enjoyed sitting on the back porch watching them work. Both were professional and performed each phase of the build quickly and with precision. There was no guess work. It appeared as though they had worked together for a long time and knew what needed to be done without speaking. So I was very surprised to learn one was a new hire and had only been on the payroll for two or three days. I wish I had gotten their names. They kept the work site clean and organized throughout the day which I appreciated. Their dedication and professionalism were tested toward the end of the build when the sky suddenly darkened and we experience a Texas thunderstorm with heavy rain. They had just finished the roof, but kept working on the trim until the job was finished. Please relay my appreciation to both men and my regards to Winslow's team.

    Malakoff, TX
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